VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] for Wine Bottles
  • VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] for Wine Bottles

VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] for Wine Bottles

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Vacuum pump is always suitable when you don't drink the whole bottle.

The patented system warns you with an audible click that you have sucked up all the air, so there is no need to pump anymore.

Vacuvin constantly invests in research to develop new technologies and products to meet market needs and to always offer customers the newest and best products.

Easy to use, practical, and looks good too.


VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] for Wine Bottles

VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] for Wine Bottles

lei 88.27
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Vacu Vin - Original Wine Saver

Keeps your open bottle of wine under vacuum, making it last up to 10 days.

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