Wine Stopper with Pump [HAODI] Wine Saver with Date Dial
  • Wine Stopper with Pump [HAODI] Wine Saver with Date Dial

Wine Stopper with Pump [HAODI] Wine Saver with Date Dial

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There are many types of wine stoppers that can keep your wine fresh. Some are made of cork; others in silicone or rubber to ensure a tight seal.

This device can preserve your wine for up to 4-6 days.

Mark the opening date by turning, on the appropriate date, place the cork on the opened wine bottle and activate by pressing the button several times.

Once the bottle is vacuum sealed, the cork keeps the wine fresh for up to 6 days. (*After which it is recommended to check and pump a few more times)

Wine Stopper with Pump [HAODI] Wine Saver with Date Dial

Wine Stopper with Pump [HAODI] Wine Saver with Date Dial

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What is a wine cork used for?

When you just can't finish that bottle of wine, a wine cork is the key to keeping it fresh for days or even weeks.

What is the purpose of a wine stopper that has a pump function?

A wine stopper with vacuum pump capability allows you to remove air from an open bottle of wine.

It will help you not only achieve a good seal, but also slow down the oxidation of the wine itself.


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