APPLE Wood Chips for Smoking Gun, 100ml

lei 20.58

APPLE Wood Chips for Smoking Gun, 100ml

APPLE Wood Chips for Smoking Gun, 100ml

lei 20.58
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APPLE Wood Chips for Smoking Gun, 100ml

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100 ML

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Paper MicroFiltre - Aeropress Coffee Machine, 100pcs/set.

Let the essential oils pass into the prepared coffee.

How to use (recommendation):

1# Place the paper filter in the Aeropress device

2# Put the device on the scale, in the "head down" position

3# Use 22g of ground coffee (medium-fine grinding)

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7# Press the Aeropress placed on top of the cup, until you hear the "depression" sound

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The sabre sword is used at various events / tastings where you want to open a bottle of champagne through the process called sabre / SABRAGE.

Although it is very spectacular, certain safety measures must be taken (the audience must keep their distance from the person who opens the champagne, it is recommended to wear protective glasses for the person who does the sabring, etc.)

• Stainless steel reinforced with vacuum casting

• Handle features chevron pattern with textured grip

• The beveled edge helps to slide the sword towards the neck of the bottle

CAUTION: the sabering technique must be performed by experienced people!

Champagne must be kept in the refrigerator at least 4 hours before opening.


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Heat resistant glass;

Maximum capacity 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)

A glass to enjoy the typical Asian tea or why not a specialty coffee?!

All handmade from heat-resistant glass.

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BEECH Wood Chips for...

Price / 100ml.

Wood sawdust "Beech" / Beech wood, for the smoking gun "The Smoking Gun".

Ideal for smoking culinary preparations and for various cocktails.


DO NOT eat!!!

Flammable !!!

Do not use open fire near the product in an uncontrolled environment !!!


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Ice CUBE Mold 4,7cm - Silicon Quick view
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Ice CUBE Mold 4,7cm - Silicon

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Keep your drinks colder for longer with large ice cubes!

This 4-cube ice mold is made of silicone to ensure easy and quick removal.

Large ice cube trays are also great for getting creative - add some mint, berries or cucumbers and wait for your guests. They will be impressed!

Due to the size of these ice cubes, they will melt more slowly, which means fewer trips to the freezer!

We recommend hand washing, without using hot water.

*provided with a lid, for increased hygiene.

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CHERRY Wood Chips for...

Price per 100ml.

Cherry sawdust recommended for "The Smoking Gun".

Ideal for smoking culinary preparations and for various cocktails.

Measuring the quantity is done with a glass measuring cup, graduated to 100ml, so the quantity ordered must be a multiple of 100ml.

DO NOT eat!!! Flammable !!! Do not use open flames near the product!!!


lei 20.58 Price
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