"Gold Rim" - Wine glass, 490ml
  • "Gold Rim" - Wine glass, 490ml

"Gold Rim" - Wine glass, 490ml

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At times it is necessary to focus on the important things, these elegant glasses are perfect for such occasions.

They bring a touch of style and elegance and offer a sophisticated atmosphere.

Find an optimal range of glasses: wine glass, tumbler and glass for Long Drink drinks.

Made of quality glass, the edge of the glass being decorated with gold paint, it is recommended both for home and for the hospitality industry, because clean glass perfectly shows the color of the drink.

It is only cleaned manually, with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.
Avoid mechanical shocks of any kind !!!
FRAGILE product!

"Gold Rim" - Wine glass, 490ml

"Gold Rim" - Wine glass, 490ml

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If you want elegance, these glasses with "Gold Rim" will fit perfectly with your style.

A classic design for every occasion - you can make a larger collection for festive meals.

The shape of the glass allows the intensification of the drink's flavors.

Do you prefer a red wine with a rich texture? Or a dry, slightly acidic white one? Why not a glass of sparkling wine?

Whatever style you prefer, you can find wine glasses with us that will help you enjoy your favorite drink.

The "Gold Rim" product range contains wine glasses, tumblers and glasses for Long Drink drinks, all with a golden edge.

Represents innovation, quality and extravagant design.

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