VERVINO (Crystal) Water glass / Universal Tumbler [ZWIESEL] 485ml
  • VERVINO (Crystal) Water glass / Universal Tumbler [ZWIESEL] 485ml

VERVINO (Crystal) Water glass / Universal Tumbler [ZWIESEL] 485ml

lei 46.66

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Sold in multiples of 4 pieces.

The tall and slim shape of the Zwiesel Glas Vervino glass makes the glass a particularly decorative part of any table.

The effervescence point adds a special effect to the aromatic experience of various soft drinks or long drinks.

Recommended for: water, juices, cocktail.

TRITAN Protect ®

Made in Germany

VERVINO (Crystal) Water glass / Universal Tumbler [ZWIESEL] 485ml

VERVINO (Crystal) Water glass / Universal Tumbler [ZWIESEL] 485ml

lei 46.66
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► Clarity and brilliance.

► Resistance to breakage or scratches.

► Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

► Product according to food safety standards (Food Safety).

► Ecological production procedures.

Anyone who clinks a glass of Zwiesel will hear the sound note that represents the manufacturer's commitment to hospitality.

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