FORTISSIMO (Crystal) White Wine glass [ZWIESEL] 420ml
  • FORTISSIMO (Crystal) White Wine glass [ZWIESEL] 420ml

FORTISSIMO (Crystal) White Wine glass [ZWIESEL] 420ml

lei 30.20

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

The Schott Zwiesel Fortissimo white wine glass is the perfect choice for all light and aromatic white wine varieties such as Riesling and Grüner Veltliner.

The wine glass, made of TRITAN® crystal, offers excellent shatter resistance and an elegant, timeless design.

Recommended for: aperitif/dessert wines, young/fresh wines, white wines, rosé wines, ice wines

TRITAN Protect ®

Made in Germany

FORTISSIMO (Crystal) White Wine glass [ZWIESEL] 420ml

FORTISSIMO (Crystal) White Wine glass [ZWIESEL] 420ml

lei 30.20
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► 6 glasses from the Fortissimo collection; For light and smooth white wines;

► Material Tritan: lead-free, made of titanium and zirconium oxide; resists breaking, chipping and scratching; resistant to thermal shock;

► Fortissimo: tall, elegant design for all your basic wine needs; tall stems and smooth conical bowls;

► Can be washed in the dishwasher; may not fit in standard dishwasher due to height

► Made in Germany; suggested wine varieties: Sauvignon blanc, Pinot gris, rose', Riesling, soave and chablis, etc


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TRITAN Protect ®

Made in Germany

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