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Beer Froth SPATULA

Price / piece. 

The special spatula for removing excess beer foam is made of a white plasticized material.

Beer is best served in the range between "cold as ice" and the temperature of the "cellar" (between 12-14C).

It should be noted that pouring beer into a glass can be an art: if you prefer a fine but rich foam collar, pour the beer quickly, perpedicularly into the glass.

The most effective way to get the desired level of foam is to tilt the glass and start pouring the beer on one of its inner walls, then place the bottle perpendicularly and pour it in the center of the glass.

At the same time, it is just as important how far you hold the glass when pouring.

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Beer Mug - VIKING HORN,...

(€ / piece). 

Ideal for bringing medieval flavour to your beer, this drinking horn offers a truly novel way of serving ale, cider or lager.

The elegant birch support creates the perfect atmosphere, completing this mug with a unique style.

Traditionally made of buffalo or ox horn, this contemporary glass is updated and made of glass.

The Nordic tradition can be present in your home through this Viking beer horn, ideal for organizing parties in medieval style.

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