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"WET FLOOR" Indicator /...

(€ / piece)

Clearly identify and block access to damp floors. In the event of a leak, the first step should be to mark or, preferably, block the slippery area.

This can be done with a wet floor indicator.

Wet floor marking informs employees, workers and visitors about the danger of slipping and fines.

Plastic, yellow color (easy to notice).

lei39.45 Price

Crowd Control (Barrier) -...

(€ / piece)

RED Velvet-lined space cord, these delimitation systems are ready for your long-term use.

Ideal for indoor / outdoor use, e.g. hotels, clubs, exhibition centers, theaters, weddings, parties, ceremonies, festival occasions, ticket offices and much more.

Easy installation: No special assembly tools required.

Length: 2m.

Thickness: 38mm.


lei131.70 Price

Bill Tray - Stainless Steel

(€ / piece). 

Tray for Payment Note or purchase orders.

On this elegant metal support can be presented to customers: bills or tax receipts.

It is provided with a metal clip so as not to lose the receipt or the money on the tray.

lei18.71 Price


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