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150ml Milk Jug for COFFEE...

Price / piece.

Metal mug that comes to make easier the Barista staff's work.

Used for dosing coffee in glasses / cups that do not fit under the espresso machine.

Espresso or even double coffee can be extracted in this pitcher, due to the volume of 150ml.

lei 29.99 Price

Alternative Coffee Maker...

Price / piece.

The iconic coffee press patented by AeroPress®, now available in transparent and durable Tritan™ material.

Compact, strong and light, it allows you to fully enjoy, and its transparency offers ideal visibility and control over the preparation process.

Immersion, aeration and pressure combine for exceptional flavor and versatility in a unique way that allows you to experiment with temperature, grind and time to create a unique, fantastic, smooth, sediment-free drink.< /p>


► Capacity: 280 ml.

► Tritan™ (a trademark of Eastman Chemical Company)

► Made in the USA


lei 277.03 Regular price lei 288.58 Price

Alternative Coffee Maker...

Price / piece.

The set contains:

► Silicone mug for drinking / transport,

► Cover

► Coffee dosing spoon

► MicroFiltre paper 350 pieces,

► Support for filters,

► Foldable mixing spoon,

The AeroPress Go is carefully designed to offer all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress, plus a convenient drinking cup that doubles as a carrying case.

Just like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go produces delicious coffee - American, espresso or iced.

AeroPress Go is optimized for travel, camping or just going to work, making it convenient and easy to take AeroPress with you.

Its smart design will ensure that you will never run out of freshly brewed coffee, wherever you go.

lei 195.10 Price

Alternative Coffee Maker...

Price / piece. 

Coffee Aeropress, with 1 set of paper filters (350 pieces) included

The ideal device for making coffee while traveling, ... or when you stay at home.

The aeropress offers the possibility to prepare a cup of coffee full of aroma, similar to the coffee obtained by the French press method, close to espresso, largely excluding the bitter taste and acidity.

Clean ONLY by hand! DO NOT scratch the product! FRAGILE Product!

lei 213.63 Regular price lei 222.53 Price

BAMBOO Stirrer for Syphon /...

Price / piece.

Made of natural bamboo, can be used for Syphon, V60, French Press, etc.

Eliminate the possibility of scratching your glassware by using this accessory.

This simple tool does not smell like coffee and does not give off other coffee smells, it is made of bamboo from Japanese forests.

An essential part of any coffee enthusiast's home kit.

lei 24.99 Price

BARISTA BOX Starter Kit...

Price / Full set.

This is our new Baristabox,stacked with a small range from our Barista Tools.

Product information: Include 1 piece of each

► Milk Jug / Barista Pitcher 350ml

► Milk Pitcher 90ml

► Shotglass for setting the liquid volume

► Squeeze Bottle for Latte Art, 30ml

► Portafilterbrush

► Groupbrush Basic


lei 141.13 Price

Barista Cleaning Brush Nr1...

Price / piece.

Comandante Barista Brush #1 for the professionals of the coffee world but also for the home barista.

The small size of the brush makes it portable and perfect for cleaning Comandante parts wherever you are.

Made in Germany, in the Black Forest region, from hair wood and natural hair.


lei 55.50 Price

Barista Cloth (4pcs Set!)...

Price / set.

The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers high quality due to the microfiber material used.

The towels are of different colors for efficient identification:

► 1 piece 60 * 40cm with hanging Carabiner (brown) for general cleaning

► 2 pieces 25 * 25cm (blue) for cleaning the Steamer pipe

► 1 piece 40 * 40cm (beige) for cleaning the surface of coffee machines

lei 45.36 Price

Barista Cloth [COMANDANTE]...

Price / piece.

100% Cotton Barista Cloth for the maintenance and fine cleaning of Comandante products (eg Manual Grinder).

Approximately 30 * 30cm.

Personalized with [COMMANDANTE] logo.


lei 35.11 Price


Price / piece.

Informative: 24 pieces / box.

In more select locations, a glass of water is served over coffee to rinse the taste buds before sipping coffee.

This ensures maximum flavor enjoyment.

lei 5.90 Price

Barista Keychain [BARISTA...

Price / piece.

This keychain is a perfect miniature replica of the real Barista accessories.

The perfect gift for any coffee lover!

Cafes (!) ATTENTION: ask for an offer for these personalized products with the LOGO of the location! Perfect objects for marketing !!!

Models available:

► Kettle - Water boiler for Pour Over

► Siphon - Alternative method for coffees

► DOUBLE Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► SIMPLE Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► RETRO Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► Milk Jug - Latiera pt Cappuccino

► METAL Tamper

► Plastic Tamper

► Portafilter

► V60 Dripper


lei 22.28 Regular price lei 23.21 Price

Barista Keychain [JoeFrex]...

Price / piece.

This keychain is a perfect miniature replica of the real Barista accessories.

The perfect gift for any coffee lover!

Models available:

► Kettle - Water boiler for Pour Over

► Milk Jug - Latiera pt Cappuccino

► Grinding Coffee

► V60


lei 28.98 Price

BARISTA Shot glass [HARIO]...

Price / piece.

It is a glass cup with a capacity of 80 ml (full) and a graduated scale to adjust the dosage of coffee, up to 60 ml.

It is resistant to heat and thermal shock, and is dishwasher safe.

The graduated barista shot glass from Hario is an indispensable accessory for those who want precision in the preparation of coffee.

Made in Japan.

*It does NOT have a metrological bulletin !


lei 49.22 Price

BARISTA Shot glass...

Price / piece.

Shot glass for measuring / adjusting the quantity of single and double ristretto and espresso coffees.

After a manual cleaning, wipe only with a soft cloth, do not scratch the markings applied to the outside of the glass.


lei 22.65 Price

BARISTA Shot glass, MARKED...

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / box.

The Barista - Shot is necessary to be able to adjust the espresso machine accurately, measuring the amount of water for Ristretto, Espresso or even long coffee.

Graduated to:

► 22ml ↔ 3 / 4oz: Restricted,

► 30ml ↔ 1oz; Espresso,

► 44ml ↔ 1-1 / 2oz: Restricted Double,

► 60ml ↔ 2oz: Double Espresso.

Made in Italy.


lei 14.27 Price

Barista SMART SCALE 2...

Price / piece.

Precision water-resistant scale, Brewista V.2 with 6 different operating modes.

Designed as a best-in-class tool for quality and affordability, this smart scale helps you develop coffee mastery at home.

► Rechargeable batteries via USB-C cable.

► Weighing capacity of 2000 grams (70 oz). Accuracy of 0.1 grams

► Water-resistant surface

► Automatic country

► Auto power off function

► LCD display in grams and ounces

► Includes protective tray

► Silicone pad for direct use on the espresso machine


lei 523.85 Price

Barista Steam Cloth...

Price / piece.

This cloth is specially designed for cleaning the steam pipe (steamer) of the coffee machine.

It has 3 layers: black microfibers + silicone + gray microfibers.

The gray part is for wiping the steam lance (steamer), and the black part for cleaning surfaces and other parts of the machine.

Special integrated silicone prevents steam and hot water from entering the cloth and allows you to wipe the steam pipe while working with the hot surface.

by [JoeFrex]


lei 41.67 Price
BARISTA Thermometer (-20°C... Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

BARISTA Thermometer (-20°C...

Price / piece. 

DIGITAL Barista thermometer, to check the temperature of the milk in the kettle.

Measures between: -20 ° C / + 120 ° C

Accuracy: ± 1 ° C between -20 ° C and 80 ° C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C

Works with 1 1.5V LR44 battery.

Auto power off after 45 minutes.


1. Press ON / OFF to turning device on / off.

2. Probe into test substance 2min 50mm (ice at 0 ° C / boiling water at 100 ° C).

3. Press HOLD to retain reading.


DO NOT touch the central unit with liquid (milk, water, etc.)!


lei 47.30 Regular price lei 49.27 Price

BARISTA Thermometer with...

Price / piece.

Barista thermometer with clip, with multiple uses: e.g. to check the temperature of the milk in the milk jug, the temperature of the hot chocolate and last but not least for the temperature of a successful espresso.

If you "burn" the milk, it will taste more bitter.

Measures between -20'C +120'C

Dual display: Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Calibration of the thermometer is done:

► 0'C at the freezing point of distilled water +/- 0.5'C

► 100'C at the boiling temperature of water, depending on the altitude above the sea.


lei 32.94 Price

Barista Towel [JoeFREX] -...

Price / piece.

HUNDRED LINEN, 43x63cm towel.

Pre-washed, 100% linen material, natural / beige color, for glassware polishing, or cups, milk jugs and cutlery.

Can be washed up to 60 °, preferably without conditioner.

lei 47.03 Price


Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces / set.

With a simple and classic design, this mug looks perfect in any cafe, restaurant or cafe.

Equipped with a slightly curved handle for a comfortable grip and a sturdy base for a perfect balance on any table or countertop.

This cup is ideal for serving hot teas or coffees, creamy and frothy latte!

In addition, its crystal clear design allows for excellent product visibility to showcase your specialty drinks.


lei 9.26 Price

Bellagio BARISTA Briefcase...

Price / kit with Utensils.

Complete Barista kit from Motta, provided with specially arranged places for utensils and accessories.

Specially for bartenders / baristas who want to have all the utensils at hand.

lei 479.57 Price

BLACK 350ml Milk Jug...

Price / piece. 

MILK Jug BLACK 350ml / Metal Cup for the perfect milk foam - without bubbles.

You can make molds for Latte Art.

Made of 18/10 Aisi 304 stainless steel.

DO NOT wash in the dishwasher!   NU zgariati!

lei 149.94 Price


Price / piece.

Motta milk cup from Italy. Stainless steel, Professional line, essential and refined design.

It is a cup specially designed for the preparation of foam cappuccino milk cream.

Makes special castings for Latte Art possible.


Only clean manually with liquid detergent!

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.

NO dishwasher safe !   Avoid scratching the surface!

lei 169.98 Price

BLACK 500ml - SOYA MILK...

Price / piece. 

Milk jug, from MOTTA Italy.

Stainless steel, Professional line, essential and refined design.

Specially customized so as not to be confused with other types of milk, used in the bar / cafe.

It is a cup specially designed for the preparation of soy milk cream for cappuccino.

Makes possible special pourings for Latte Art.


Only clean manually with liquid detergent!

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.

NO Dishwasher safe !   Avoid scratching the surface!

lei 169.98 Price

BLACK 500ml Milk Jug...

Price / piece. 

With these quality slats, you get the perfect latte for latte art.

Thick-walled stainless steel, painted black, in electromagnetic field.

Molding beak suitable for Latte Art casting.


Handwash ONLY with liquid detergent!!

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.


lei 130.96 Price

BLACK 600ml Easy Milk Jug...

Price / piece.

The shape of the beak, respectively the angle and the shape of the handle help to perform the movements in an easy and elegant way, for a perfect Latte Art.

Made of 18/8 stainless steel, covered with a non-slip surface.

Extra thick walls covered with Teflon surface.

Compared to a traditional Cappuccino kettle, this version is more suitable for professional, intensive use.

Very easy to clean.


lei 136.85 Price

BLACK Cleaning Brush...

Price / piece.

Special Brush for Cleaning the Espresso Unit from the manufacturer [JoeFrex]

Simple functional black / red hard plastic brush for group cleaning.

Often too much ground coffee is stuck on the surface of the sieve, but with the help of the special end, you can easily remove the excess.

lei 23.44 Price

BLIND Filter 53 Ø for...

Price / piece.

Blind filters are used to wash the head of the group.

A stainless steel blind filter is always the best option because it fits tightly in the filter holder and withstands high pressure, thus cleaning the assembly perfectly, allowing pressure to be released through the expansion valve and not through the filter holder holes. / p>

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of powder detergent (DUSTY or PULY CAFF) to the sieve in order to decompose the coffee oils.

These products are important for any bartender and any cafe because of their functionality.

Recommended for:

► Astoria03 Grup CTS 05

► The SP02F Space

► Wega WE06F Ø 52

► Wega WE06P Ø 53

► Devices with universal Ø 52 group

lei 9.98 Price

BLIND Filter 58 Ø for...

Price / piece.

Blind filters are used to clean the head of the espresso machine's group.

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of powder detergent to the sieve in order to decompose the coffee oils.

Recommended for:

► Elba IV 962_2

► Astoria03 Grup CTS 05

► Aurora Brugnetti AU01A; AU03

► BFC-Royal BF04

► Brasilia BE BR04A; BR04B; BR04C;

► Bezzera BZ02

► Carimali CA03

► Casadio CAS03

► Cymbals CI07

► Faema FA06F

► Futurmat - Aries FU02

► Gaggia - Saeco GA02

► Grimac - Fiorenzato GF05

► The Marzocco MZ02

► New Simonelli NS05

► The Pavoni PV03F

► Rancilio RA04

► La Scala - Symphony SC04F

► San Remo SR04

► Victoria Arduino VA02

► VBM VB04

► Wega WE06F

lei 9.98 Price

BLUE Latte Art Pen [MOTTA]...

Price / piece.

Metal Latte Art Pen from the manufacturer MOTTA, covered in blue rubber.

Ideal for those who want to display their creativity to the next level in latte art drawings on the surface of a Cappuccino.

Use with extra care, do NOT get hurt !!!

Use carefully NOT to hurt yourself !!!

lei 41.17 Price

BOSTON Latte / Ice Coffee...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces / set.

Barista glass for Irish Coffee, latte macchiatto or ice coffee, made of tempered glass.

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and can be placed in the microwave.

Volume of 360ml.

lei 12.14 Price

BOSTON Latte / Irish Coffee...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Irish Coffee glass or for latte macchiatto, made of tempered glass.

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and can be placed in the microwave.

Volume of 260ml.


lei 11.34 Price
BROWN Towel [BARISTA LINE] Set of 2pcs, Microfibre Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

BROWN Towel (2pcs Set!)...

Price / set.

The set contains 2 towels, different sizes.

The brown towels are 30*30cm + 45*55cm.

Usable: crockery, dishes, glass, equipment, refrigerator, taps, sinks, table and other surfaces in the bar / kitchen.

The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers high quality due to the microfiber material used.

Material: 80% Polyester; 20% Polyamide.

Wash with detergent or soap.
DO NOT use fabric strengthening solutions!
Machine washable up to 65'C together with similar colors.
Do NOT tumble dry!

lei 16.43 Regular price lei 17.11 Price

Canvas Apron [BARISTA LINE]...

Price / piece.

Barista apron in canvas, with large pockets and adjustable straps, crossed on the back.

This sort is very practical due to the large pockets it has.

Suitable for putting your mobile phone, notebook, pen or other things you need.

Its pockets are also reinforced for better support and this gives it a cooler look.

The design created with crossed shoulder straps prevents neck pain and gives it extra comfort.

The fabric it is made of is very comfortable to wear.

This apron is a must-have both for a barista and for representatives of other professions and can become indispensable in the home kitchen.

Colours: blue (indigo), grey (brownish), brown, black and green (olive).

lei 138.10 Price


Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces

Informative: 48 pieces / box

White porcelain, thick walls, thermal insulation.

Volume of 180ml.

Separately you can also find suitable saucers.

lei 14.80 Price
CAPPUCCINO Set (Cup&Saucer) [BARISTA LINE] WHITE Porcelain Quick view
  • On sale!
  • Pack

CAPPUCCINO Set (Cup&Saucer)...

Price / set.

The set contains: 1 Cup + 1 Saucer.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 48 pieces / box.

CAPPUCCINO set [BARISTA LINE] made of white porcelain, made of:

► CAPPUCCINO cup [BARISTA LINE] WHITE Porcelain, 180ml

► Saucer for CAPPUCCINO cup [BARISTA LINE] WHITE Porcelain

(you can also order them separately too)

lei 29.42 Price

CLEAN BOX [JoeFrex]...

Price / set.

It is absolutely necessary to clean the espresso machine and the coffee grinder, in order to enjoy a quality espresso!

The basic products in this kit can be indispensable in this regard.

The kit contains:

► 1 *500g CLEAN POWDER Detergent - Cleaned powder for Espresso Machines GROUP

► 1 *500g CLEAN GRIND Detergent - Clean dust for Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► 1 *500ml CLEAN STEAM Detergent - Cleaning liquid for the Milk heating system for Cappuccino [Steamer]

► 1 *500ml CLEAN BOILER Detergent - Cleans the water heating system in the Espressor [Boiler]

► 1 * Brush for cleaning the portafilter dripper

► 1 * Brush for cleaning the steam pipe [Steamer]

► 1 * Multilayer Microfiber Cloth for Steamer cleaning


lei 188.31 Price

Cleaning Brush (Natural...

Price / piece.

Special brush for cleaning the portafilter before each prepared coffee.

Natural hair, attached to ABS plastic handle (approved in the public catering industry)

OMEGA product, Made in Italy


DO NOT clean with water!

DO NOT clean with water!   

lei 44.51 Price

CLEANING BRUSH for Pourer...

Price / piece. 


Material: polyester, steel wire.

This fine cleaning brush is made of twisted steel wire and polyester wire.

Simply clean the dripper quickly and efficiently. Just push the brush through the pipe so that all debris can be easily removed.

After cleaning the drippers and metal straws with this brush and warm water, you will notice that the quality (taste) of the drinks will not change due to possible deposits in the pipe.

In the case of coffee machine steamers, you need to clean up any possible milk deposits.


lei 14.99 Price

Cleaning Capsules (3pcs...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 3 pieces.

Informative: The box contains 30 capsules.

COFFEE CLEANING CAPSULES are designed to remove oily coffee residues from the internal parts of the capsule machine.

Coffee beans have a fatty component that is essential for an intense and creamy coffee.

But every time you make coffee, oily residue can settle on the brewing chamber, perforation plate and spout.

Due to the higher temperatures, they soon oxidize and rot, causing the coffee to taste sour and the machine to stop working properly.

The capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines.

Ingredients: oxygen bleach 15-30%, phosphonates, anionic surfactants <5%.

Made in Italy

lei 11.98 Price

Cloth Filter for SYPHON...

Price / piece.

Metal filter, covered with cloth, for TCA, NXA, SCA coffee makers

► It will only allow the passage of aromas and essential oils from the coffee.

► Easy cleaning: stainless steel and fabric

► Easy to use. The long stainless steel chain makes it easy to install and remove the filter.


lei 52.86 Price
Coffee Cleaning Brush [RHINOWARES] 30cm Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

Coffee Cleaning Brush...

Price / piece.

One part of this brush is used for the grinder and the other part for the worktop, so you will have a convenient, complete coffee accessory.

This brush from Rhino Coffee Gear has a low-profile head for reaching hard-to-reach places, and a large, flat head on the other end for sweeping flat surfaces.

Allow quick and easy cleaning.

lei 85.70 Regular price lei 89.27 Price

COFFEE Cup - White...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

COFFEE cup (espresso, americano, mocha, etc.) made of high quality white porcelain with a unique design: decorated with a platinum band.

Don't forget to order the white porcelain plate with a Platinum edge!

These coffee cups and saucers are part of the RÖRSTRAND Luxury Collection.

Special price, only while stocks last!

Handwash only! 
Not recommended for use in the microwave!

lei 9.88 Price

Coffee Cup [BARISTA LINE]...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Discover Elegance and Functionality in Every Sip.

Enjoy moments of respite with our exclusive fine porcelain coffee cup, a symbol of refinement and impeccable taste.

Made of high-quality white porcelain, this mug is not only a container for your favorite drink, but also a style statement.

Classic Design, With a Modern Twist Our classic cup is encased in a colored silicone protector, available in a variety of vibrant shades, which not only add a pop of color to your table, but also provide a comfortable grip and protects hands from the heat of the drink.

In the box you will find 12 pieces of cups, with colored silicone: Yellow, Orange, Pink.


lei 8.09 Regular price lei 8.43 Price

Coffee Distributor with 6...

Price / piece.

WDT Coffee Accessory with 6 Needles that are used for leveling and perfectly uniform distribution of ground coffee from the portafilter.

How to use: gently move the needles and mix the ground coffee, until the density is uniform and the coffee lumps in the portafilter break down.

A uniform distribution of the coffee results in a better extraction, therefore a much better espresso.

It is easy to use regardless of the size of the portafilter basket.


lei 65.37 Price

Coffee Glass (Set of 2!)...

Price / set.

The set contains 2 pieces.

Made from 100% natural glass, these glasses are not only safe to use and environmentally friendly, they are also heat resistant, making them perfect for enjoying a special coffee.

The coffee cup from Hario with the code HU-2-EX is a glass made of heat-resistant glass, with a capacity of 170 ml.

This glass is ideal for enjoying freshly brewed coffee and can be used in the oven or microwave.

The glass has a simple and elegant design that suits any cafe style.

The glass can also be washed in the dishwasher, being very practical and easy to maintain.


lei 71.40 Price


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