TIKI mug - MAI TAI (Ceramic) 430ml
  • TIKI mug - MAI TAI (Ceramic) 430ml

TIKI mug - MAI TAI (Ceramic) 430ml

Price / piece.

The Tiki Mai Tai glass is used for specific rum-based cocktails.

Volume: 430 ml


TIKI mug - MAI TAI (Ceramic) 430ml

TIKI mug - MAI TAI (Ceramic) 430ml

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TIKI mug - MAI TAI (Ceramic) 430ml.

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Vitaminizing and energizing - Provides the portion of vitamins and energy for the whole day.

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The package includes: 1* electric wine opener + 1* foil cap cutter + 1* wine stopper (ELECTRIC) + 1* aerator pourer + 1* USB cable


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