METAL Filter for Syphon Coffee Maker [HARIO ] TCA, NXA, SCA
  • METAL Filter for Syphon Coffee Maker [HARIO ] TCA, NXA, SCA

Metal Filter for SYPHON Coffee Maker [HARIO] TCA, NXA, SCA

lei 61.50

Price / piece. 

Metal filter for TCA, NXA, SCA coffee makers

► Good filtering effect, it will allow only the aromas and coffee's essential oils to pass through.

► Easy cleaning, stainless steel and food grade silicone, dishwasher safe.

► Easy to use, specially designed to replace many fabric filters (textile) from coffee makers. The long stainless steel chain makes it easy to install and remove the filter.


METAL Filter for Syphon Coffee Maker [HARIO ] TCA, NXA, SCA

Metal Filter for SYPHON Coffee Maker [HARIO] TCA, NXA, SCA

lei 61.50
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Metal Filter for Syphon Coffee Maker [HARIO ] TCA, NXA, SCA.


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Metal & Rubber
Silver / Metal
Shiny / Polished
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